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Welcome to Wavecall

Wavecall, through its software product WaveSight, excels in a field that can truly leverage your network design dollars – ray tracing for accurate radio wave predictions. Whether you are building a new 5G network, optimizing a 4G network, or planning a public safety network or municipal Wi-Fi system, Wavecall has the tools you need to see your actual radio coverage. For accuracy and speed, turn to the powerful black box: WaveSight by Wavecall.

For an online demonstration, visit Wavesight Live

WaveSight uses UTD (Unified Theory of Diffraction) ray tracing and 3D building databases to measure how radio signals bounce off of structures - providing the most accurate network coverage information available for both the microcell and macrocell layer. WaveSight uses the most elaborated mmWave prediction model that is available in the wireless industry. It incorporates an evolved version of the 3GPP model, the Bell-Labs model, and other landmark papers findings.