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3D Building Databases

Wavecall distributes and integrates the world’s most advanced – and economical – 3D Building databases for the wireless industry.

Wavecall is making available the 3D data you need to properly design and optimize your network. Please contact for a 3D map solution tailored to your needs. 

3D map data comes in a wide variety of formats. Rely on Wavecall to ensure timely delivery of a robust, scaleable, and updateable 3D mapping solution. 

“3D Mapping was a complete hit or miss affair – and expensive. With Wavecall we know we are getting data that fits our project’s needs. When we need 3D building data for network design, we call Wavecall.” 
RF Manager – USA top 25 market

Simplified roof top structure
Detailed roof top structure

The screenshots on the left show the importance of a detailed building database. 

In the examples a prediction has been run for three cells. In the prediction shown in the first image we have removed the elevator shaft on which the cells are mounted, resulting in imprecise predictions.

In the second image the elevator shaft was taken into account as it is.

As you can see, even relatively small structures can impact the predictions in a considerable way. Therefore in order to get the most accurate models, a detailed building database is a must.