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Wavesight ACCURA

Wavecall has introduced a new, unique way of model tuning for its WaveSight model, breaking accuracy records. This new method is called ACCURA. With the release of ACCURA the accuracy of tuned WaveSight models has been further enhanced.

WaveSight ACCURA is a unique breakthrough model tuning method, with a level of accuracy that is unmatched by any other 3D model in urban and dense urban areas.

This major improvement enhances the reliability in important capital-intensive decisions, like:

  • Need for and positioning of new sites
  • Choosing/optimizing physical parameter settings for the best network performance and network experience.
Drive test and ACCURA prediction

Model turning

ACCURA model tuning can be done using either Scanner Data or CW drive tests. By using Scanner Data we can calibrate our model based on a huge amount of sites at relatively low costs. A tuned ACCURA model will give almost an exact copy of your network.

  • The advantages of WaveSight ACCURA are:
    A tailored model for each city with unmatched accuracy
  • Automatic detection of wrong transmitter location in the site table
  • No need for expensive CW drive tests

These unique features differentiate WaveSight ACCURA from any other prediction model available on the market today.

Please do not hesitate to contact in case you have any kinds of questions!

In the animation below you can see the difference between the Hata model for urban areas on the left and the ACCURA model on the right. 
WaveSight ACCURA
building Heights-02
Hata Model for Urban Areas

Since the Hata model does not take buildings into account, the building heights have no influence on the prediction. In the ACCURA predictions however, as building heights increase, the predictions change accordingly.

As you can see the WaveSight ACCURA model gives a much more realistic view than the Hata model.
Which of these models would you choose to plan your network?

If you would like to see more, contact us today for a live demonstration over the web.