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Indoor coverage : Out2InSight

Indoor coverage is for most providers at least as important as outdoor coverage. About 70 percent of mobile phone calls and 80 percent of data usage take place inside of a building. Therefore it is needed to accurately determine the indoor coverage of a network. Wavecall has developed a module of WaveSight which makes it possible to accurately predict the indoor coverage of your network. Our Outdoor-to-Indoor model is innovative – debunking the conventional wisdom that building material and frequency are the only major factors in predicting building penetration losses. Out2InSight calculates the indoor coverage levels based on the factors that most influence the penetration of the radio signal into the building. The most important factor is the 3D angle of incidence which WaveSight uses. This is followed by an indoor loss calculation.

Conventional wisdom in the RF world says that the building material and frequency are the only relevant factors when predicting building penetration losses. This would appear to be true when predicting with classical models or ray-tracing engines that do not calculate the 3D angle of incidence. However, now that this capability is available in WaveSight, accurate building penetration losses can be calculated leading to accurate indoor predictions.

Once the signal has penetrated the outside wall, the indoor loss calculation is a dB per meter loss model.

Since indoor building databases, details about wall structure and material might not be available, ray tracing is not needed. Furthermore, changes to the indoor environment can be highly variable, even during the course of a day, such as closing of doors/blinds or moving indoor plants.  Therefore, a straightforward indoor loss model is often sensible.

The WaveSight outdoor-to-indoor model is based on the model developed within the Cost-231 project.The resulting signal level attenuation gives a very accurate prediction of the coverage inside buildings on multiple floors.

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